From Joel Schwartz, re: Special

For me, there is a pleasure, a ritual in the mundane. The mundane allows room for the extraordinary. It is a dialectic - in the boring, ordinary, and mundane, there exists a deep meaning in knowing you are making room to “eat the Earth.” Just as the capacity to feel deep sadness allows for the capacity to feel true joy. 

For if you are always full, how can “Eating the Earth” bring any nourishment, let alone joy? It is like eating a too rich piece of cake after a large meal. The sugar tastes good, but all you are doing is eating empty calories without the relishing, without the reverie. And so it ultimately is an unpleasurable experience despite the sugar high.

When work was scarce, days off were anxiety provoking, and vacations felt undeserved. Now even a relaxing evening is nourishing, and I no longer need the extraordinary to fill me up. I think boredom comes with the mundane if you cannot fill the mundane with meaning.