"...nothing short of a force to be reckoned with on stage..." - The Artswire

"A real example of millenial women connecting to their audience through gut-wrenching honest admission of their own failings and foibles." - Comediva.com

Sascha interviewed by Comediva.com here. 

"...a natural stage performer... her blunt sense of humor could be compared to Amy Poehler or Sarah Silverman." - NYTheatre.com 

With Lara Everly at Shorts N Stuff

"...fresh, saucy, hot new talent...Winsome and pert, Alexander effectively transitions from fear to fortitude." - Stagehappenings.com

"Sascha Alexander is a woman making waves." - WANT.com

"You can’t help but smile when you come face to face with Sascha... Sascha is a fierce believer in courageous vulnerability and the power that women hold as leaders of their own lives. And she does this all with the loveliest attitude, the most all-inclusive heart." - WANT.com

"...her material feels fresh and engaging due to her earnest, emotive performance that renders every line heartfelt." - Theatre Is Easy

"Sascha Alexander is a STAR, and the rest of the all-female ensemble played their roles pitch perfectly." - Al Rahn

Sascha interviewed by Diet Spotlight here. 


 Naked and Crazy, a Voice Choice, Village Voice, August 2012

Naked and Crazy, a Voice Choice, Village Voice, August 2012

"...utterly captivating to watch" - Neel Upadhye

"Alexander succeeds in making a show that is at once immensely funny, and yet sincere and moving." - Theatre is Easy 

"Dat hair. Dat ass. Dat acting. #bonnie" - Elizabeth Ho 

Sascha Interviewed by WANT.com here.

"Sascha comes through your life like a goddamn hurricane. It only figures that she's at the forefront of changing the way society speaks." - David Daitch 

"...truthful, commanding... poignant and hilarious..." - Comediva.com

“...amazing and inspiring and funny and sexy. I am still blown away. I am still in awe...” - Lira Kellerman. 

"...heartfelt, and alive..." - The Artswire

Taking a dance break from Why I Dance Production to discuss the project with videographer Eddie Vu.