Individual Coaching

"Sascha is one in a million. I have worked with many health and life coaches over the years, and believe me when I say that no one understands the absurd complexity and steep emotional cost of chronic illness the way that she does.  The thing that really makes her stand a part, beyond her undeniable brilliance, is the fact that she has struggled, immensely, with the same issues and challenges that plague her clients -- and because she has come out the other end, she brings extraordinary hope, guidance, and support to those who are currently "in the darkness" of chronic illness. Her level of empathy and emotional understanding is second to none. Navigating my way back to optimum health has been the biggest challenge of my life, and having Sascha on my support team has been absolutely invaluable for my recovery - and I'm not just referring to her logistical guidance re: which lab tests to take, or which foods to eat, I'm referring to something much more significant - the healing of my soul. For years I erroneously believed that I was damaged goods because of my illness. Sascha helped me to reframe the perception of my illness with a more expanded understanding of what illness really does for people - it makes them warriors. She helped me to see the light in the dark, the meaning in the chaos, the humor in the grief. And for that, I will be forever grateful, and forever in her debt."


-- Brooke, Los Angeles, CA


"I’ve seen dozens of coaches and nutritionists and doctors and therapists, and it has never before been exciting. It’s always seemed like this chore, this reality I didn’t want to face, and now my health and well being has become more than a pleasure. It's this eye-opening, incredibly satisfying journey that I keep growing into, filled with actual moments of euphoria. Sascha is 100% born to do this.”


-- Julia, Los Angeles, CA


Sascha has been instrumental in my journey to healing! She's unbelievably knowledgeable. She has a knack for generously articulating experience, support and vital information with clarity, love and such centeredness - this is key for someone like me who has major anxiety. I truly feel that I have saved years of my life potentially drowning in the unknown around my illness because of her coaching. Sascha continues to hold and walk me through confusing and painful moments with so much dignity and grace and I always leave feeling much more equipped, empowered and filled with hope.”


-- Jessica, Los Angeles, CA


I needed help managing my schedule, asserting and negotiating myself professionally, getting on track with eating and exercising, and figuring out a way to frame a lot of experiences I was having in a way that wasn't so destructive. This is a tall order for any coach and Sascha tackled it with the ease and grace of a pro. Right away she got me on an exercise program that I could handle and with which I've maintained for the last 3 months. She also had me focus on decluttering my living space, saying that there is a direct connection between lack of clutter and financial success. 15 bags of clothes and a brand new shredder later,  I booked my most lucrative writing job yet. On top of that I booked two more jobs while working with Sascha as well as a new manager. It is a real skill to be able to listen and also direct someone into an emotional place where they can learn and grow and Sascha is a goddamned natural. What’s more is, as much as she has naturally, she also works her ass off. She takes notes, refers back to previous sessions like a wizard, she is very prepared and punctual. She does a lovely mix of both scientific and holistic approaches, referencing everything from studies, to pamphlets, books and her own personal experience. Also, Sascha is a person that has suffered and persevered so you never feel like you're talking to someone who can't relate on some level. Her history with autoimmune disease and general health, has clearly taught her so much about compassion for all types of pain, for patience, understanding and grace. She has lived through a lot and -- that coupled with her natural empathy and focus in this discipline makes her pretty fucking hard to top. She also has a staggeringly comforting level of non-judgement towards just about everything. She will meet you wherever you are and coach you into a place you didn't even realize you could be. She's helped me face my relationship with self sabotage and negative talk head on, and I'm not taking any more shit from myself! Seriously, her job is to get you on track towards your best self and as cheesy as that might sound feeling good about life and your capabilities -- there's just nothing fucking better. Working with Sascha has brought sharply into focus the things I want and the ways in which I can and am getting them. It has made meeting my goals feel like the best kind of civic duty -- the better I am to myself, the better I can be to and in the world.”  


-- Meghan, Los Angeles, CA


“Wow. Where to begin? I'd never done any sort of "coaching" before-- life, health, or otherwise. I'm so glad that my first experience was with Sascha. She is an amazing listener, a super smart sounding board and a great motivator. What has impacted me most is having someone to help me achieve a specific, quantifiable goal (for me, getting onto the Autoimmune Protocol in a way that's actually sustainable for my life), as opposed to working with more general help I've received from other health professionals. Sascha is super available in between sessions, and really structures our calls to get the most out of our session time. I'm already seeing my life expand and include more joy and I see such progress in my health in this relatively short amount of time.  I have already recommended Sascha's coaching to several other people and will continue to do so, because this investment has been one of the best so far in my autoimmune health journey.”


-- Katie, Los Angeles, CA


“I have been working with Sascha to explore and deepen my physical and emotional well-being during pregnancy. From the start I found her to be compassionate and validating, listening beautifully and following up with questions that consistently pushed me to deepen my analysis and my action. Her professional training and personal experiences allow her to suggest creative ideas for practices that are already helping me meet my goals. Above all she is real -- bringing authenticity and humor to the messy, important work of growing as a human. Having Sascha in your corner is a constant gift!”


-- Rachel, San Francisco, CA

Praise for the Three-Month Radiant Health Group

”I'm convinced that I would not be as healthy as I am today had I not signed up for the Radiant Health Group. Because of Sascha's instinct, wisdom and coaching - I'm seeing major results in my increased energy, deflation of my stomach bloating, weight loss and decreased abdominal pain. Sascha has provided countless incredible resources that have transformed my recovery journey, catapulting it forward….I've been able to work through and create so much movement around my thoughts, feelings and subsequent actions because of resources Sascha provided and suggested. My body is so much stronger and less fatigued. The power of the group is not to be taken for granted either. We grew to really support each other and... being able to talk to people who have experience, strength and hope around something or can relate and listen with a compassionate heart has proven to be a crucial element for remission. The group coaching calls and reports proved to be phenomenal resources as well. I can't tell you how many times I went back and referred to feedback and coaching Sascha had for one of my fellow group members that I needed for myself. The best part is, I get to keep all the recorded coaching calls, the handouts and the weekly reports, the weekly challenges, the project trackers to utilize and refer to after the three-month group ends. I feel totally set up for success and unstoppable in my continued healing journey. This group is not just for people with autoimmune diseases who are sick and stuck. This group is for anyone who wants betterment and transformation and needs support and tools. Sascha offers the gift of radical change. Sascha facilitates it all with humility, humor and professionalism. She's also transparent, loving, resourceful, thoughtful and generous. All I had to do was show up, be open, honest and willing to take action. I got way more than I bargained for.”

- Jessica P.  Sjogren’s patient.


At the first, in-person session of Sascha's coaching group, I was at yet another health bottom. I was in debt from spending $30,000 on my health the previous year and had little to show for it. I had just gotten off antibiotics after another SIBO relapse, my energy was lagging, my weight was fluctuating up from inflammation and constipation --  my body image tanking along with it -- and I was feeling unsure about how I was going to handle my new career, let alone romance, in light of these health setbacks. I also didn't know how I would handle juggling the Radiant Health Group with tons of domestic and international work travel lined up, in a job I didn't feel I was good enough for. I never could have imagined how much of a jumping off point the group would be, how much it would support my perspective shifting in all areas of my life, and how much my world would change as a result. Two and a half months into Sascha's coaching group, my sibo is fully in remission for the first time in 4 years, I have assembled a group of healthcare practitioners that are guiding me through this process, I am happy with my body at its current weight (a greater feat than any specific weight goal!), I have enough energy to strength train four times a week, I see that I belong in my high-level job and own the talents that brought me there,  I am much farther along in my quest for health answers and my finances are on track to improve. I am healthy and feel fully equipped to handle what is in front of me, whether that's a work trip to London or a first date at a restaurant where I have to request six different substitutions to eliminate the foods I'm sensitive to. The group gave me the tools and support to show up for myself and to really see how changing my thinking serves my healing. It was amazing to grow alongside the other members of the group, and to feel connected with their journeys, and to learn from their coaching, too. I cannot recommend working with Sascha enough!“

- Hannah M., SIBO Patient


“Taking part in Sascha’s 3 month health group has changed my life. I know, that sounds dramatic or too good to be true, but I’m serious. I am genuinely a different person than I was 3 months ago. I do things differently, I think differently, I love differently, and my life has become better because of these changes. At the start of this group, I was stressed, anxious about the future, unhappy with myself, in deep pain about a past relationship, overweight and insecure about my body, and dangerously addicted to caffeine. I needed healing of my body, mind, and spirit. In the past 3 months, Sascha has given me tools for bettering my life that I never knew I needed. I’ve always wondered what people meant when they said they were “working on themselves.” Now, I know. I took on the goals I set for myself, knowing I was being held accountable by sharing my weekly progress with the group....I trusted the process, which was actually simple, and I saw massive changes in my life. I am no longer stressed about the future and I now have the best job I’ve ever had. I have healed my heart of the pain a past relationship caused me, and have been given the tools for peaceful and loving communication with that person. I have become more active than I’ve ever been in my life, and changed my diet. I am finally losing weight after years of gaining. I’ve completely quit caffeine, and can now clearly see how much better my life is without it. I’m finally feeling confident about my body and who I am. If I hadn’t joined this group, I think it would have taken me many many years to get to the peace I’m feeling now. The great thing about this group is that you set your own goals, focusing on the things you want to work on. Sascha is there to guide and support you. She is there to answer every question that comes up along the way. She lovingly helps you get on the right track when you’re veering off. My main advice is this: If you want to see radical positive changes in your life, be open and show up. You must be open minded, and willing to do the work. Sascha taught me how to use the power inside me that was yet to be unleashed. Once harnessed, I changed my life.”

- Lillian M., Addison’s patient