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Sascha Alexander is a

Certified Autoimmune Wellness Coach Working in Los Angeles, California.



I'm am Autoimmune Health Coach who's passionate about treating your chronic illness at the root -- physically and emotionally -- so it never comes back. I champion spirituality, western medicine, eastern medicine, and everything in between. I'm about finding the lesson in the illness, taking baby steps towards recovery until you get there -- and living this journey with joy no matter where you are. 



Since 2017, I've been helping people move towards remission from chronic illness and autoimmunity through teaching and working with the Six Root Causes of Chronic illness. With my training in Spiritual Psychology, and my years of extensive patient-centered research in root cause medicine, I have a thorough understanding of the landscape of chronic health complaints and know what it takes to resolve them. 

My own 20-year journey with Lyme Disease, chronic migraines, interstitial cystitis and Hashimoto's -- all now 90% improved through a root-cause approach -- has deepened my compassion, given me my voice, and created a life for me beyond my wildest dreams. I now know this is possible for everyone. 

Whether you’re brand new to this journey, or think you've tried everything, I can help you conquer your fear, create a plan for your healing, relax around the timeline, and reconnect with grace, hope, ease, gratitude, and pleasure, no matter where you are.


Client Reviews

Sascha has provided countless incredible resources that have transformed my recovery journey, catapulting it forward… I am so much stronger and less fatigued. I truly feel that I have saved years of my life potentially drowning in the unknown around my illness because of her coaching.
— Jessica P. Sjogren's patient
I’m already seeing my life expand and include more joy and I see such progress in my health in this relatively short amount of time. This investment has been one of the best so far in my autoimmune health journey.
— Katie C. Celiac Patient
I will shout from the mountaintops how much working with Sascha changed my life. Join her group. You will become a new you.
— Julia R. In remission from PCOS
Two and a half months into Sascha’s coaching group, my SIBO is fully in remission for the first time in 4 years, I have assembled a group of healthcare practitioners that are guiding me through this process, I am happy with my body at its current weight (a greater feat than any specific weight goal!), and I have enough energy to strength train four times a week.
— Hannah L. In remission from SIBO
Sascha taught me how to use the power inside me that was yet to be unleashed. Once I harnessed it, I changed my life.
— Lillian M., Addison’s patient

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